Drug Addiction Treatment in Jacksonville

An Affordable, Out-Patient Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment Program Managed by Medical Doctors!

Medical Drug Addiction Detox in Jacksonville, FL at Jax Med & RehabJax Med & Rehab is an Out-Patient Drug Rehab and Detox Center that provides physician supervised medical detox for men and women who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Our expert multidisciplinary staff provides closely supervised medical treatment along with a detailed out-patient recovery program for drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

Our Jacksonville drug addiction treatment center provides patients with medically supervised Oxycontin addiction treatment, Percocet addiction treatment, Hydrocodone addiction treatment and detox treatment for other opiate addictions. Our rehab and detox programs are carefully tailored for each patient and are designed to provide victims of drug dependency and alcoholism with important knowledge coupled with an understanding of their dependencies. Personal  medical care and support also helps to assure a successful recovery. Our treatment programs help patients develop new habits, daily activities and personal conduct that are all important elements in winning their battle against their dependencies and assuring a future without drug or alcohol addiction.

Affordable and Effective Out-Patient Treatment

If you or someone you love is battling drug or alcohol addiction, please call us at (904) 476-0134 now, and speak to a doctor 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Treatment and full recovery is really only a phone call away. You will be seen by a medical doctor who will professionally evaluate your condition and best course of treatment. A treatment program will be established and you can begin your recovery and detox right away.

Medical Detox and Addiction Treatment

Our doctors have the experience and medications help patients suffering with Oxycontin addiction, Percocet addiction, Hydrocodone addiction or any other Heroin or Opiate addiction through closely monitored medical detoxification with “Suboxone” Film which contains buprenorphine and naloxone, medications that allow you to begin detox immediately without withdraw symptoms or pain.

Medical detox with Suboxone also helps you to begin a full treatment program tailored to your particular needs. Treatment includes regular individual, group and family counseling, physical therapy on an out-patient basis so as not to interfere with your job our your family and community activities.

An Affordable Out-Patient Drug Addiction Treatment Center

The Jax Med & Rehab medical detoxification and drug addiction and alcohol treatment program is very affordable! In fact we will even work with you and accept payments if necessary. We are not an expensive, in-patient treatment center! We are however a medical addiction treatment and recovery center with a caring team of physicians, therapists and counselors who who have the knowledge and professional training to help you take your life back and provide you with the knowledge and tools to rid yourself from addiction forever!

A Personalized Treatment and Detox Program

The Causes of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism are Unique to Each Patient. Treatment Must Also be Unique.

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction is a disease that is unique to each of its victims. Different conditions and pressures, personal finances, lifestyle, health and many other factors can play a part in contributing to a persons dependency and addiction. For this reason, we evaluate each patient and carefully build a detox and rehabilitation program to address the unique factors that are contributing to the patient’s addiction and couple this rehabilitation program with a detox plan, (medical detoxification if necessary) to ease the process of detoxification.

Each patient receives an individualized outpatient treatment plan that is specific to their respective needs.

Drug Addiction Treatment with Medical Detox

  • Safe medical withdraw and detox that is confidential and allows you to maintain your dignity.
  • Patients are treated by a licensed and trained doctors, therapists and counselors that are experts in helping patients through the process of detoxification.
  • A complete drug addiction treatment and medical detox program designed to help patients beat their addictions and stay drug and alcohol free.
  • Patients and their loved ones are treated with compassion.
  • Detailed out-patient treatment program that allows patients to continue working during treatment and recovery.

Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Jacksonville

We’re Available 24/7 And Ready To Help You! Call (904) 476-0134 To Speak With A Doctor Right Now.