Drug Addiction Treatment Specialists in Jacksonville

Drug Addiction Out-Patient Treatment that is Affordable and Managed by Medical Doctors!

Struggling with drug addiction is without question one of the most difficult circumstances a person can face. But drug addiction is treatable. The out-patient drug addiction treatment specialists at Jax Med and Rehab provide patients with a program designed specifically for their unique needs while allowing for the convenience of an out-patient treatment program that will not disrupt their daily activities or work schedule.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment in JacksonvilleWhile each patient is treated based on their own personal requirements, our programs share common elements and forms of treatment. Initially, each patient will be examined by a licensed medical doctor and meet with a substance abuse counselor who will establish a customized treatment protocol based on the patient’s health, type of addiction and level of addiction. After carefully considering the patient’s condition, a treatment program will be established, and the process of detoxification and recovery can begin right away.

Our main goal in treating drug addiction is to help our patients understand that their addiction is a primary, progressive disease, and not the result any weaknesses or dysfunction on their part. Though a supportive staff and professional counselors work with patients through physical therapy, private counseling, family counseling and group therapy all designed to provide a caring therapeutic environment where patients explore their issues and offer support to others as they explore theirs. Through treatment and in counseling discussions patients begin to understand and learn about the dangers of a self-defeating attitude, how to better cope with life’s stresses and the rewards of accomplishment and problem solving without drugs.

A Treatment Program That Works!

Private Counseling is a private discussion between you and one of our addiction specialists. It is an opportunity for you to discuss privately the issues in your life that may have contributed to your addiction and ask any questions that you may wondering about along the road to full recovery. You will also learn about ways to deal with the people and events in your life in a positive way without the need for drugs or alcohol.
Group Counseling is a time when you and your peers who are also progressing through drug addiction treatment and recovery meet in small groups to openly discuss your struggles and successes in battling addiction. You will offer your support for others and others will show support for you. Group Counseling is a positive conversation that typically reveals that you are not alone, and provides you with ideas and information about recovery from your peers. Group counseling is also conducted and guided by an addiction specialist.
Your family and loved ones care deeply for you and want to help you in any way they can. Family counseling allows you and your family members to meet with addiction specialists and family counselors who help address issues within your family and to share ways for your family to support your efforts to fully recover and stay drug and alcohol free.
It is important to know that throughout our entire program, all of your treatment is supervised and overseen by a licensed medical doctor; from your initial evaluation and detoxification, through counseling, all the way to your successful completion of our drug and alcohol treatment program. Our doctors will meet with you regularly throughout treatment to assure your progress and ultimate success.
Counselors are a great help in many ways to individuals suffering with addiction. But our addiction specialist work with you to get to the root cause of your addictions and help you better understand how drug and alcohol addiction affects your thinking, your body and health, and your outlook on life. Beating addiction is often dependent on your understanding and acknowledging how it is affecting you and those around you. And our addiction specialists are experts in helping you understand these key factors of recovery.
Sometimes, speaking with another person who has walked in your shoes is very helpful. We have helped many people beat their addictions over the years. And because of their first hand knowledge of addiction and what it took for them to recover, they are an invaluable resource with whom you can speak with during your recovery.

Medical Detox

Medical Detoxification is closely monitored by our doctors and involves the use of prescription medications that help patients with severe opiate addictions withdraw and detoxify more comfortably. Medical Detoxification is NOT for every patient suffering with drug addiction and is only prescribed when medically necessary to control severe symptoms of detoxification and withdrawal.

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